The Best Tennis Racquets Under 100 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Most people say tennis is an expensive sport because you can get prices of racquets and other equipment for the sport with a price range of $500 to $1000 which is a bit hefty to maintain. However, there are several racquets you can get that will suit your budget and still be made with high-quality material to give you a good game. Once you find the best tennis racquet under $100, you should also consider buying some necessary tennis accessories that will make learning tennis more convenient and easier.

Some essential tennis accessories


Most people who aren’t players or a fan of the sport think that a wristband is just a fashion statement, but they’re far more substantial than you think. First of all, wristbands help to keep your moisture levels low when you’re playing under very intense and humid conditions. This helps to prevent sweat and moisture from interfering with your playing since your racquet can slip out of your hands if they’re sweaty.

Also, wristbands reduce the stress and pressure on your wrists when you’re playing. You need to be safe when playing tennis and sometimes you can suffer a sprained or dislocated wrist when making shots. Although wearing a wristband doesn’t guarantee that you will not have minor discomforts when playing the game, it helps to reduce the stress your wrists go through.


These are soft, tape-like padded cloths that are wrapped around the grip of your racquet. Overgrips help to add more friction to your grip and can also absorb the moisture and sweat from your hands so that you don’t lose your grip on the racquet. They also add more padding and cushioning for your hands. However, they can also add more bulk to your grip, so if the wide grip on your racquet is already uncomfortable, don’t add more because it will be a problem.

Ball pickup tubes

This is an overlooked piece of tennis accessory that you need. These tubes make it easier and more convenient to practice. They help you to pick up the tennis balls without having to bend over and pick them one by one. So you don’t have to walk around the court under the smoldering heat collecting all the scattered balls.

The ball pickup tubes will give you a secure place to store your practice balls and it also makes it easier to collect them without exerting a lot of effort picking them up by hand. You can turn the tubes upside down and they have lockable legs at the handles that you can use when feeding another player the balls. They’re light and portable so you can carry them easily without putting extra weight in your tennis bag.

Things to consider before purchasing the best tennis racquet under 100

Head size

The head size of a tennis racquet is the size of the actual hitting area inside the frame. A racquet with a large head size would be ideal because it gives you a larger sweet spot. It’s also easy to handle the whole one with a smaller head size gives you more precision and control with each shot. If you’re a beginner, you should get an oversized racquet which has a larger sweet spot so that you can hit more balls and also help you to develop your technique and expertise. If you’re an intermediate player, you can use a mid plus racquet for a nice blend of power and control and advanced and professional players, you can choose a standard racquet that is less than 98 sq inches.


The cost of a tennis racquet varies with design and specifications. However, you can get a cheap tennis racquet with only $100, but don’t only focus on the price. You should check to see if the racquet is of good quality so that you avoid buying a bad quality racquet that will cost you more than you intended to spend.


The way a racquet performs depends on its weight. As a beginner, you need a lightweight racquet so that it’s easy to swing and play for longer without getting tired quickly or developing pain in your elbow. It has better maneuverability and easy access to spin. The heavier racquet is a bit more difficult to move and you need more muscle power to handle it. However, it’s able to absorb shock better than a lightweight racquet. To balance off on both sides, you can consider getting a racquet that isn’t too heavy or too light, one that is in between to give you perfect grip, performance, and help develop your skills and technique.

Frame stiffness

The more flexible a racquet is, the more energy is lost, although it provides added spin with less strain on your arm. When a stiffer racquet hits a ball more power is transferred to the ball, but a stiffer frame will cause more strain of your arm, wrist, and shoulder, so it’s better to buy a racquet with a flex rate of 50-80.

Grip size

Another important factor is the grip size of your tennis racquet. A racquet with a small grip will cause you to grip the handle too much and this will lead to tired muscles or even an injury. But a too large grip will make it hard to handle the racquet or change your grip. A racquet with a good grip size means you should feel comfortable plating and you should be able to change your grip positions and comfortably move your wrist and forearm.


The length of your racquet influences your overall performance in the game. The length of a normal racquet is from 26.5-29 inches. An adult racquet is normally 27 inches. A longer racquet gives you more reach on groundstrokes, more leverage on serves, and a bit more power than your standard length racquet. Most power racquets are lighter to allow for more maneuverability even if they have a longer length.

Which are the best tennis racquets under 100?

Wilson tour slam adult strung

 best tennis racquets under 100 This is a very popular tennis racquet from Wilson. It’s lightweight, dependable, and long-lasting with features that will deliver amazing performance. With this racquet, you don’t need to worry about missing hits thanks to its 110 sq inch oversized head. The stop shock pads will help to reduce the vibration on the racquet when it comes into contact with the ball and gives you good control at the same time. It has a weight of 11.5 ounces which makes it a very lightweight racquet but doesn’t sacrifice on the feel.

Although it’s lightweight, the head is heavier and this combination helps you to play for longer without straining your wrist or elbow. The extra length of 27.5 inches means you’re able to hit the ball with more power, especially if you’re looking for a racquet that will give you more power and spin. The strings are highly durable and are just tight enough to reduce the vibrations to give better control of each hit.


  • Gives you more power and control
  • It’s lightweight with an aluminum frame
  • The stop shock sleeves help to reduce vibrations
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • Has a large sweet spot for more decent hits



This racquet has an elegant look and is well constructed with a frame made of aluminum that has been infused with volcanic frame technology. It’s a lightweight racket that you can depend on to give you more power and spin.

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Wilson hyper hammer 5.3 strung

 best tennis racquets under 100

This is a racquet that has combined control, power, and maneuverability. The standard size of this racquet gives you more leverage and reach and its power frame will help you with your compact and short swings. It has a large head length of 27.5 inches which helps to generate more power and increase your coverage for every hit. It has an open string pattern that provides more power and spin in every serve and volley with better precision and is equipped with an ultra synthetic gut control that adds more control to every hit.

The tension in the string is tight enough to absorb the vibrations from each hit reducing the strain on your wrists. This racquet is built with hyper carbon construction which is more robust to be able to withstand even the powerful hits. This racquet gives you extra power when making a serve while and also giving you better control and feel at the net.


  • Gives you better feel and control
  • Comes with a large head size
  • The open string pattern gives you more power and spin
  • It has a power frame for short and compact swings


  • You can feel a bit of vibration on impact
  • The narrow grip is uncomfortable


This is a perfect racquet for intermediate players or if you’re playing for recreation to generate lots of power without losing control. It’s much lighter than most racquets with bigger head size and open string pattern.

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Head Ti S6

 best tennis racquets under 100

This is the perfect racquet is perfect for you if you use compact to medium stroke styles. It’s an all-round racquet that can be used by beginners, recreational, and casual players. It’s lightweight with excellent weight capacity and effective power delivery with very little effort. The rigid construction and lightweight frame allow for better mobility. It has a large-sized head of 115 sq inches and a handle that is 27.75 inches long and is very rare to get such a large-sized racquet.

These features increase your chances of hitting the ball while the string pattern makes this racquet very forgiving. With a longer length, you’re able to hit the ball over the net and with only 9 ounces in weight, you will feel very light and this will put less strain on your arm, elbow, and shoulder.


  • Has a large sweet spot so you get more hits
  • Offers maximum power and you don’t need to put a lot of effort
  • Perfect racquet if you’re a player with slow to medium swing speed
  • Made with durable and lightweight titanium and graphite fiber technology
  • Perfect racquet for beginners and intermediate players


  • The strings are of low quality
  • Has noisy strings


This racquet will help you play like a pro from the beginning. It’s a very affordable and reliable racquet that will not disappoint when you start playing tennis. Although it’s a lightweight racket it will give you enough power without having to put too much effort on your part.

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Wilson K zero strung

 best tennis racquets under 100

This is a great racquet and perfect for beginners who are just starting to play tennis or for recreational use. It’s a lightweight racquet that is comfortable in your hand and powerful so you don’t need to worry about power capacity in this racquet. Its weight impacts its performance and its light feel helps with maneuverability and great stability and makes also makes it easier to spin so that you can handle the racquet most optimally. This feature also helps to reduce pain in your arm.  However, this doesn’t mean it lacks power. This racquet is specifically designed for players who are looking for comfort and power in your shots.

This racquet has a head size of 118 inches and a convenient length of 27.5 inches and a weight of 9.1 ounces. If you’re playing using this racquet, you will feel like you’re swinging through the air. The combination of all these features and a variety of exclusive technology help to contribute to its performance and functionality.


  • It has a large sweet spot that gives you more power
  • The racket is pre-strung so it’s easy to use
  • The lightweight feel of the racquet ensures you don’t get pain in your arm or elbow
  • Perfect for beginners


  • It doesn’t absorb shock very well
  • The strings aren’t durable


If you’re on the tennis court you want to play hard but you don’t want to feel sore and achy the next day. This is a comfortable and affordable racquet you can use. Its lightweight feel will allow you to move it easily so you can have an easy spin.

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Head microgel radical

 best tennis racquets under 100

This is a good quality tennis racquet that is perfect for intermediate players. You get a solid feel when playing with this racquet and it’s very convenient to use. It’s constructed with a silicone-based material that has a very low density to ensure that the racquet performs well. With a weight of 10.4 ounces, you will find this racquet comfortable, reliable, and consistent regardless of whether you’re playing at the baseline or the net. It also has a rock-solid feel to be able to withstand the impact of the balls. It has a wider design than a normal racquet which gives the balls more space to move along the string bed creating more spin.

The dense string pattern helps to improve your overall control on the court. There is a uniform distribution of the weight so there are fewer vibration thanks to a widen dampener. The head of the racquet is 98 sq moderately smaller inches, but it will provide you with more power and forgiveness.


  • The racquet gives you excellent control
  • It’s sturdy with a very comfortable grip
  • The impact of the ball is evenly distributed for better shock absorption
  • Very lightweight feel


  • Has a smaller sweet spot
  • Not suitable for beginners with little experience


A lightweight racquet that is comfortable to swing and a perfect choice for advanced players. Its standard size and string pattern will allow you to blast the ball over the net and this immense power makes it perfect if you want to play aggressively.

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If you’re getting a tennis racquet as a beginner, it won’t be the racquet you will use for the rest of your life. As you improve your game, you also upgrade your racquet and the best tennis racquet under 100 like the Wilson tour slam adult strung will help you improve your skills and performance. It’s a lightweight and dependable racquet that will help you play for longer without hurting your wrist.