Women’s Shoes That Are For Overlapping Toes (Everything You Need to Know!)

 Overlapping toes, popularly known as hammertoes are a common condition among both men and women. There are many causes to hammertoes, some of which are lifestyle associated while others aren’t. Either way, hammertoes affect your choice of shoes because a wrong choice could hurt your feet and make the condition worse. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our guide to women’s shoes that are for overlapping toes.

What are overlapping toes?

Women’s shoes that are for overlapping toes If you are unfamiliar with this condition, overlapping toes are the occurrence where one toe overlaps over another toe. This causes the toes to seem crooked or even misshapen. Overlapping toes go by different names including crooked toes, mallet toes and clawed toes. Some of the symptoms associated with hammertoes apart include:

A visible overlap is the most obvious sign of an overlapping toe. However, there are other symptoms that accompany overlapped toes including pressure and irritation between toes. Some people may experience some painful swelling in the toes which makes walking difficult. Others get calluses between and on top of the toes. Corns and ulcerations are usually a result of the friction from your shoes and stress on the feet.

Common causes for overlapping toes

Overlapping toe condition often accompanies many disorders. They are neither limited to men nor women. Additionally, anyone of any age can get overlapping toes depending on the surrounding condition. This condition often worsens when you ignore the symptoms. Toe overlaps can occur in any of your toes and will cause irritation which can evolve to pain if left unchecked.

The best way to deal with overlapping toes is to accommodate the condition by using appropriate footwear and healthy footwear practices. These practices will help ease any pressure or tension put on the toes. Spacious but fitting toe boxes that are slightly raised and made of flexible materials are often recommended for this condition.

For example, bunions, a well-known foot condition can cause overlapping toes because of the pressure it creates and puts on your feet and toes. Sometimes, the cause is not external, but internal. If you have the genetics for it, then chances are you might develop overlapping toes. Do not be alarmed, you

Apart from being an uncomfortable condition, hammertoes may lead to other foot issues like calluses to arise.

Tips for shoe shopping with overlapping toes

The best shoes for overlapping toes are comfortable shoes. This doesn’t mean you cannot have some variety and style. In fact, you will be surprised to know, there are many different styles of shoes that accommodate hammertoes quite well. Some top choices for overlapping toes include the following:

First, is casual –formal and flat but comfy shoes. These could range from men’s casual shoes to other options like loafers and oxfords. Yes, you can wear low shoes as long as they provide the room and arch support necessary.

Sneakers or running shoes designed for extensive support for athletes. These are great when you need a casual or even cool look without hurting your feet any further.

Square toe flats. This is yet another group of shoe options that women can wear and still look stylish while accommodating their hammertoes.

Last and our favorite of the bunch are ballet shoes. Not the kind ballerinas wear but the kind with a more comfortable design. You should find ballet shoes with extensive support and in a roomy size.

In addition to catering to your overlapping toe issue, these shoes are easy to style and look fantastic with a variety of looks and outfits. We only recommend that you supplement this support properly to ensure your overlapping toes are properly managed.

Shoe dos and don’ts for women with overlapping toes

You cannot freely wear any type of shoes while experiencing overlapping toes. In fact, there are some essential dos and don’ts that are essential for every hammer toe patient.

Do not wear tight shoes

As you already know tight shoes and overlapping toes or any other foot associated ailment is a big no-no. In fact, you are advised to stay away from tight shoes altogether. These are the top cause of overlapping in the pinky toe.

Do not neglect combination treatments

Overlapping toes is not a condition that will go away without a lot of help. Apart from finding the right shoe, you can supplement the treatment process using items such as toe straighteners. Just as the name suggests, these are designed to help your toes resume or attain a more natural looking shape. Alternatively, you can invest in toe separators or stretchers that work in their own way to realign your toes. This is beneficial especially to women who plan on remedying hammertoes.

Do seek comfort

Comfortable shoes are it when you have overlapping toes. In fact, comfort should be the top priority when choosing all your shoes, well except those sexy black stilettos. You must find options that not only have a spacious toe box but also feel good to wear.

Preventative measures against overlapping toes

 overlapping toes

Because of the nature of this condition, anyone is prone to overlapping toes. However, there are certain measures you can take to ensure you safeguard yourself against it. Some of these measures include the following:

Support your feet- Proper forefoot support is essential for natural looking or straighter looking toes. This support can be achieved in the form of toe straighteners.

Know when to quit

There are instances when home remedies work well. If you find your overlapping toe issue persisting even with the right shoe, then it might be time to seek professional help. Do so immediately if you experience continuous or persistent pain and discomfort.

Neglect is your worst enemy

Like we said, the more overlapping toes are left unchecked, the more severe and increasingly irritating the condition becomes. As part of early on treatment, you are advised to use a combination of good shoes and appropriate foot support and care. This constant TLC will not only help you deal with the onset of overlapping toes but can also get quite relaxing.


People with overlapping toes always have it hard when it comes to finding shoes that fit comfortably. Shoes that do not fit make it painful and uncomfortable to be on your toes. When you have this condition, an important thing to do is wear shoes that fit properly and accommodate the shapes of your toes for maximum comfort.